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Jill, 47.  May 2009. Artist: Mel from Gothic Realm

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This tattoo was chosen for my nephew who died in a car accident in 2008. He owned a Grader company and drove graders. So I wanted a tattoo to remind me of him and his nickname Grump.

I chose to get it put on my right breast because I wanted it somewhere where it wasnt easily seen, (and I already had one on the other breast) because it was for me, so I could see it.  It was put there too, because it was out of the sun, to protect it.

Tattoos Mean Everything!

Faces in Butterfly

Faces in Butterfly

This is a site for people who have tattoos or like to look at tattoos or both.  I would like to make a huge collection of tattoo art and the stories behind their choice, the design chosen and why you chose to put it where you did.

If you would like to have your tattoo on this blog, then please send a comment to me to arrange a time for me to photograph you, your tatt, and find out the stories behind them.

If you and I canot meet in person then we can do this via email too.

Let me know what you think of the site and anything else you want to tell me.