Traveller’s tattoos


snailThis is the snail tattoo on my right wrist…..Bec

The story behind it is that I was traveling alone through India about a year ago and met a very interesting guy from Holland at the beach.
He told me he had been living and working in India for around 20 years as a tattoo artist and asked me if I had ever been curious about a tattoo.
I said I had been and after a while chatting he had to leave but he gave me his number. I spent the next two days racking my brain as to what I would want; but try as I might, I could not decide.

One afternoon, after all but giving up on the tattoo search I sat down in the garden of my hostel and opened up a gardening magazine that just happened to be sitting on the lawn. After a few minutes of page flicking, I saw it.

A snail! A beautifully simple snail. Having had a strong curiosity of entomology my whole life, I thought how appropriate! I fell in love with the snail as to me it represents slowing down in life and really appreciating each moment for what it is.
So I raced over and within 40 minutes I had my brand new snail.

Now it serves as a permanent reminder to me, to just take every day as it comes, and to stay in the moment whenever I can.