Educate and Celebrate

This is Elly.(45) If you want to know more – Google- Educate and Celebrate.



This is Elly’s new tattoo.

The story behind her tattoo is this:

It’s the past, the present and the future. The Spanish moon moth flying away to represent all the bad things, now thankfully, gone. The orange lily for pride, which is my present, and the beautiful butterfly for the world of social justice, which I strive to live, in the future!

Where all are treated equally and fairly – so jump on the rainbow bus and not get off until we reach the special land of social justice!




Traveller’s tattoos


snailThis is the snail tattoo on my right wrist…..Bec

The story behind it is that I was traveling alone through India about a year ago and met a very interesting guy from Holland at the beach.
He told me he had been living and working in India for around 20 years as a tattoo artist and asked me if I had ever been curious about a tattoo.
I said I had been and after a while chatting he had to leave but he gave me his number. I spent the next two days racking my brain as to what I would want; but try as I might, I could not decide.

One afternoon, after all but giving up on the tattoo search I sat down in the garden of my hostel and opened up a gardening magazine that just happened to be sitting on the lawn. After a few minutes of page flicking, I saw it.

A snail! A beautifully simple snail. Having had a strong curiosity of entomology my whole life, I thought how appropriate! I fell in love with the snail as to me it represents slowing down in life and really appreciating each moment for what it is.
So I raced over and within 40 minutes I had my brand new snail.

Now it serves as a permanent reminder to me, to just take every day as it comes, and to stay in the moment whenever I can.

Dad – John Gallagher


This is Vanessa, with her tattoo for her Dad.


Vanessa, 28

The tattoo was crafted by Shantel Shepherd


Shantel Shepherd

Memorial tattoo for my dad, it’s his full name and date of birth – date of death with RIP after.

My dad passed away on Father’s Day 07 after a melanoma on his lip spread to his brain resulting in multiple tumors.
It is on my back and is quite large , I chose my back as I wanted it to be a large piece that I could wear with pride.
The extra special part of this Tattoo is that it was designed and done by my best friend of now 16 years (Shantel Shepherd) at her house in the company of my partner Nicole .

My dad was diagnosed in Febuary of 07 only after he suffered a stoke when a Tumor close to his cerebellum grew in size causing a bleed. The melanoma itself was removed over a decade before he had his stroke .
So this piece is extremely important to me and I already have plans to extend out to include the outspread wings of an eagle 😊 so to be continued !image

Memorial Tattoos




Jill, 47.  May 2009. Artist: Mel from Gothic Realm

Custom Tattoos by Award Winning Artists  07 3800 9834
Shop 1/4 Fedrick St Boronia Heights 4124

This tattoo was chosen for my nephew who died in a car accident in 2008. He owned a Grader company and drove graders. So I wanted a tattoo to remind me of him and his nickname Grump.

I chose to get it put on my right breast because I wanted it somewhere where it wasnt easily seen, (and I already had one on the other breast) because it was for me, so I could see it.  It was put there too, because it was out of the sun, to protect it.

Tattoos Mean Everything!

Faces in Butterfly

Faces in Butterfly

This is a site for people who have tattoos or like to look at tattoos or both.  I would like to make a huge collection of tattoo art and the stories behind their choice, the design chosen and why you chose to put it where you did.

If you would like to have your tattoo on this blog, then please send a comment to me to arrange a time for me to photograph you, your tatt, and find out the stories behind them.

If you and I canot meet in person then we can do this via email too.

Let me know what you think of the site and anything else you want to tell me.