Dad – John Gallagher


This is Vanessa, with her tattoo for her Dad.


Vanessa, 28

The tattoo was crafted by Shantel Shepherd


Shantel Shepherd

Memorial tattoo for my dad, it’s his full name and date of birth – date of death with RIP after.

My dad passed away on Father’s Day 07 after a melanoma on his lip spread to his brain resulting in multiple tumors.
It is on my back and is quite large , I chose my back as I wanted it to be a large piece that I could wear with pride.
The extra special part of this Tattoo is that it was designed and done by my best friend of now 16 years (Shantel Shepherd) at her house in the company of my partner Nicole .

My dad was diagnosed in Febuary of 07 only after he suffered a stoke when a Tumor close to his cerebellum grew in size causing a bleed. The melanoma itself was removed over a decade before he had his stroke .
So this piece is extremely important to me and I already have plans to extend out to include the outspread wings of an eagle 😊 so to be continued !image